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APPRAISAL:  The act or process of developing an opinion of value.

While giving an opinion of value sounds simple, when it comes to evaluating real property, it's not quite that easy.

Real Estate appraisals are based on research in the appropriate market, the assemblage of pertinent data and the application of appropriate analytical techniques.  When these activities are combined with the appraiser's knowledge, experience and professional judgment, they result in a solution to the client's question.  Because the opinion offered by a professional real estate appraiser is substantiated by relevant data and sound reasoning, it carries considerable weight when obtaining a loan, whether it's "in house" or being sent to the secondary market.

Whatever the appraisal assignment, new construction, purchase, refinance or estate settlements, we can be of service to you.

Experience and knowledge:  That's what we can offer you for your appraisal needs.